May 3, 2022: Danny Cole — Surprising synchronicities   “Surprising synchronicities are in store for you.”



July 15, 2022: Peter D, PhD — Inner-Peace with Bliss   “Bliss is one of the foundational elements of Inner Peace in higher dimensions.

July 22, 2022: Peter D, PhD — If You Want to See It, Do It   “Doing service to help uplift humanity …


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Aug 15, 2022: Danny Cole — Difficult Time Finding Happiness  “Allow the Universe to bring to you everything your heart desires.”


Sep 2, 2022: Saratoga Ocean — It’s Time to Prepare for What’s Coming  “We must learn to tap into the immense power of our creative minds.”

Sep 9, 2022: Peter D, PhD — Freedom From Doubt  “Receive a blessing to remove doubt from your being.”


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Nov 25, 2022: Peter D, PhD — Blessed Are Those Who Receive Blessings  “The Divine is just waiting to shower you with all you desire.“


May 3, 2022: Danny Cole — Surprpising synchronicities

Hi Gary,

Excellent class as always. I thought it was interesting that during the first ‘meditation’ I was compelled to breathe in deeply and release for the entire time. I’ve never had that happen before. Normally if I breathe in that deep for a long period of time I would be dizzy as all get out! But that didn’t happen. The second one I sang “I Am, You Are, We are One” the whole time. Such a magnificent evening, thank you.

I really connected with Zari and I had to go back and check some of my automatic writing because I remembered writing about the “High Council.” I don’t always share because usually I’m asking for myself, but it always seems to relate to ALL in my realm. So, I’ll attach that writing here if you want to check it out. There is so much going on that we are not seeing. The council also informed me that I have to be patient with Divine timing and that we, nor they, have control over human free will. So many broken contracts. They shared this after I had a “dark night of the soul,” or it was more like a “meltdown” really… just the other day. They also said that this will only delay things more, so stay positive! The meltdown was caused because I was ‘expecting’ a change in my life, but… they informed me it was once again, DELAYED. Ugh!!!!

Many blessings and big hugs my friend, I look forward to our monthly meetings!

Love, Danny 🌈❤️



Mighty presence of God I AM in me, what can you share with me at this time so that I am prepared for anything to move forward? Thank you!

Dearest heart, love of my life, you are a magnificent human being who is full of life and magic. You are unmasking your true self for the world to see. Slowly but surely you have been shedding the distorted patterns/energies that have plagued not only you but all of humanity, the elemental kingdom, and Mother Earth. You are now emerging as the essence, I Am, and you will amaze not only yourself and those you love, but you will grab the attention of very powerful people on the earth at this time!

We cannot share exactly how or when, at this time, but we can assure you it’s already waiting for you to step into it. The destiny is assured but the journey has many details being worked on even as you write these words.

Your life and your livelihood are being brought together in such a way as to be very, should we say, theatrical in its presentation! We tell you truly you will absolutely LOVE the way it will be presented. It is unprecedented and unique, just like you.

You are very well prepared. You have worked tirelessly toward the realization of your dreams and visions. You have caught the attention of spiritual hierarchies that normally do not get involved in matters of this realm. We know that you received a download from the “High Council.” When you hear from beings of light at this level you take note of how very important your role is, not only to all on Earth, but to the ALL of the ALL.

Surprising synchronicities are in store for you. The more you let go of the attachment to outcomes the easier it is for the ALL to help you in every aspect of your life. This not only helps you but also helps all who are connected energetically to your energy field. Your ‘being’ spans Universes but you are focusing that energy into this specific Universe as to complete the mission you agreed to carry out in this lifetime.

Please note that you have nothing to worry about in any area or aspect of your life at this time. ALL is taking care of it personally and so as we said, letting go allows the ALL to direct you perfectly and connect with all the right people, places, situations, and experiences that move you onward to your glory.

Be at peace and be mindful. Remember how hard you have worked and know that this perseverance is paying off big time. All that you love, all that your soul longs to be and to do are in readiness at this time! A few important details are being worked on and then all the puzzle pieces will fall into place. Every piece will fit perfectly and you won’t skip a beat. You have all you need to succeed and you will blow the minds of all around you.

Continue to take small steps and you will see clearly that doors now open easily with no effort on your part. The past is gone, it has been transmuted, and the present is your artistic masterpiece! You paint the masterpiece Danny every moment with your intention and focused effort. Who will stand with you? You are the artist, the collaborator, and you make the decisions.

You and yours have earned all that is manifesting. We are overjoyed and almost without words to describe the feelings this brings. We congratulate you, we thank you, and we ask that you treat each other with the utmost respect. Be kind to yourself and all around you. Blessings abound dear one, peace, prosperity, joy and celebration are at hand.

God bless and be well!

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July 15, 2022: Peter D, PhD — Inner-Peace with Bliss

“Becoming Awesome” Channeling with Dr. Peter D’s Higher Self

July 22, 2022: Peter D, PhD — If You Want to See It, Do It

“Becoming Awesome” Channeling with Dr. Peter D’s Higher Self

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Aug 5, 2022: Peter D, PhD — Lightening Your Load is Enlightenment

“Becoming Awesome” Channeling with Dr. Peter D’s Higher Self

Aug 15, 2022: Danny Cole — Difficult Time Finding Happiness

Danny’s auto-writing 8-15

Father/Mother God, what can you share with me about that which is manifesting into my life at this time? Please make sure that I hear you loud and clear. I’m having a difficult time finding anything in the world right now that gives me joy and happiness. Life activities that used to fill me with pleasure are no longer fulfilling. I’m asking for your help to see and to recognize the blessings that are in the here and now! Please help me to keep my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions flowing in a positive direction in order to attract the best possible outcome for my visions and dreams. Thank you, God!

My son, you are a beautiful ray of sunshine in everyone’s life whom you touch. The dedication and perseverance you have shown will, without a doubt, bring you everything you have ever dreamed and more.

There are circumstances in the world that are unknown and unknowable at this time. It is best for you and for all light-workers to allow this mystery to be. It is a necessary part of the fulfillment of the Divine plan and your purpose and reason for incarnation. For the safety and well-being of yourself, light-workers, and those you love, situations must remain hidden. The exact plan and execution strategy are up in the air, so we are not able to share them at this point in time. We are asking you to have faith and trust that all is being worked out in Divine and perfect order.

You are doing a great job! You have mastered all that you have been given to master. Every situation in your life that needed attention has been attended to. One request we have is that you bring us in more often. Call us in during your quiet time, during your meditation and decree sessions. Take a moment to express how you are feeling. Allow the emotions you feel to be expressed either verbally or in writing. When you express your feelings, you are releasing the energy to us and we are able to transmute that energy and return it to you in higher vibrational form. Eventually, when you master this process, you will no longer require our help! That is always the goal, self-sufficiency.

We would also suggest that you take a step back, before you criticize, and truly see every situation in your life through the eyes of love. Human beings are hyper-critical of themselves and this is not helpful, ever. This self-defeating behavior goes back many generations, and it is being highlighted in the here and now to be healed.

We already KNOW what the outcome is, so it’s absolutely 100% about the journey. The real test is how you deal with the “mundane” day to day life circumstances. You have all that you need to live your life on your terms right now. When you stand in your power, all will come to you easily, without struggle or strife.

Allow the Universe to bring to you everything your heart desires. For example, you desire a new car. You must show you want a new car by looking for one! You have to take an action step in order to start the process. Get online and search for cars, or check out some auto dealerships in your area. If you are looking to connect with others you must reach out and show them you want to connect. As you move in the direction of your desire the Universe will help you to achieve it. It is a magnetic Universe, and it will deliver according to your determination, action, thoughts, feelings and desire.

Every step of your journey has been supported. We see the results of your hard work. All that you have dreamed and envisioned is manifested in the continuum. We would ask you to have faith in US and yourself. Do NOT look to the outside world for verification of results. As Jeshua has shared with you, you ARE healed. You ARE whole. It may not show up in the world of form at this time, but it WILL.

We tell you truly…. when the dark, controlling forces, have completely been exposed, and their nefarious ways are brought into the light for all to see, all in the continuum will manifest into physical form beyond anything you may have imagined for yourself. So, think big, don’t limit your happiness. Go with the flow of that which brings you joy in every moment. Let go of attachment to how you “think” the world should look like or be, and allow us to bring it to you perfectly.

Danny, we knew you could handle the uncertainty. We knew you would struggle, but we also knew it would not get the best of you, and you would never back down. Hang in there. All you have thought about is coming into view. Be patient as the last puzzle pieces fall into place. It is inching ever closer and you are well prepared for whatever may come your way. Keep your heart and mind open to ALL possibilities and it will be delivered in ways that will blow your mind.

Trust, pray, meditate, or walk in nature. Your feelings of uneasiness and disappointment at this time are a normal part of the ascension process. You have one foot on the old Earth and one foot on the new Earth! As you walk up the ladder of evolution you find that things that used to bring you joy just are not as satisfying. New, wonderful experiences await. You will find your joy and passion again, we promise. Take time to quiet your mind and listen. We are always communicating with you. Express your emotions, do NOT bottle them up.

Be well my son, go forth and THRIVE!

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Sep 2, 2022: Saratoga Ocean — It’s Time to Prepare for What’s Coming

Happy September! This is one of my favorite months of the year because it leads into the beautiful and creative season of fall. September is a perfect month for making transitions and leveling up your consciousness. And I think this is especially important this month because of what may lie ahead.

It's no secret that the world around us is being intentionally dismantled by the controllers of this planet. They are in the process of destroying energy and food production around the world. They also want to destroy our health and educational systems. Well, I'm sure you know the rest...

Here's what we're facing: They are intentionally ruining our physical lives, along with our collective minds, and keeping us in fear and uncertainty. By the way, do you know one of the chief reasons they like to keep us in fear? It's because fear shuts down the higher faculties of our brains. It keeps us in a more primitive state of fight or flight. That makes us much easier to control.

So what can we do in response to this? What is the most effective thing we can do to protect ourselves and our journey towards ascension? September is a great month to focus on this :-)

Here's what I would say is our best shot at staying free from all of the controllers' diabolical plans. We absolutely must start thinking metaphysically. We must learn to tap into the immense power of our creative minds.

Do you know that a human being is an actual creative power in this universe? We need to start thinking of ourselves in this way. Each one of us exists as a power in nature. Of course we do! Look at what we are capable of that we generally take for granted.

Well, it's time to stop taking this amazing truth for granted. I recommend that wherever in your life you are seeing yourself as a victim that you resolve to end that perspective once and for all. Because that's a very undermining perspective. It's disempowering. It says that you are helpless to do anything about your situation. And it completely shuts down your ability to create a different experience for yourself and a different outcome in your life.

So your first power is the power of creating perspective. You can create one that empowers you and lifts you up, or you can create one that keeps you in a proverbial jail of no progress and no movement.

Perspective is a framework. It's how you frame events and experiences in your mind. It's your own personal statement of reality. The key word here is personal. It means that you get to choose.

Now the controllers love to hammer us every day with the perspective that they want us to have. And all of their perspectives involve fear, violence, lack, and an overall sense of helplessness. We don't need that, right? That's something to immediately reject in the same way that you would reject the idea of eating decaying, awful food.

We need to have the same level of discernment with our minds. You can't create a good life on top of garbage. And your mind cannot be inspired with a higher ideal for yourself if you are ingesting and accepting too much negativity from the controllers.

My position is to observe them, but never, ever take on their reality in my own mind. It's important to observe them so you can be conscious enough to navigate around their insanity. But you don't want to take on their reality as your own.

Now I have noticed over the years that the controllers have a tendency to create pandemonium in the fall. Why? Who knows? They are crazy, we do know that for sure! So let's take this new month as a time to get really stable in our consciousness, and be centered with a positive vision for our own lives.

And I suspect these guys are up to something because they just deemed the Republican party in this country to be an actual terrorist cell! In fact, good ol' Joe Biden just threatened the same people with F-16 military aircraft and nukes. Ha ha! Yes, that's a big eye roll, for sure.

But wait...Do they want to start a civil war?

See, this is what I mean about using our human power and presence to stabilize our reality. Remember that you are here to evolve. You are a part of the universe's larger evolution out of duality. You did not come here to be a character in these crazy controllers' drama.

So now onto this week's YouTube video. If you haven't watched it yet, it has a total explanation of duality and what the ego actually is.

This is so important to understand because by understanding the truth about the ego, you have a chance to make enormous progress in your evolution at a very fast rate! You will have a powerful understanding of yourself in ways that you can't even imagine. The ability to see the ego for what it is can be absolutely mind-blowing in a very empowering way.

And here's a suggestion for this coming weekend: You can set an intention for how you are going to take advantage of the month of September. You don't even have to know exactly what you're going to do. Just make a decision that you will not let this precious month go to waste.

Much love,

Saratoga ❤️

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Sep 9, 2022: Peter D, PhD — Freedom From Doubt

“Becoming Awesome” Channeling with Dr. Peter D’s Higher Self

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Oct 28, 2022: Peter D, PhD — Becoming a Master of Mystery

“Becoming Awesome” Channeling with Dr. Peter D’s Higher Self


Nov 25, 2022: Peter D, PhD — Blessed Are Those Who Receive Blessings

“Becoming Awesome” Channeling with Dr. Peter D’s Higher Self

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