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May 2, 2022 — Lindsey Hansen-Sturm — The Key & Wow   “I started to experiment with the Key in Cranial sessions.”


Aug 5, 2022 — Greg Menz — The Cirq as a Tool   “I picked up a very nasty virus last weekend which gave me little warning of its presence.”

Aug 14, 2022 — Lindsey Hansen-Sturm — An Instruction Guide … “Connecting with the Key”



Oct 14, 2022 — HeartMath Institute — Giving a Voice to Trees  “A new generation of scientists is showing that plants and trees are intelligent and aware …”


May 2, 2022 — Lindsey Hansen-Sturm — The Key & Wow

"Hi GW,

  I hope you had a good weekend.  

  I just wanted to thank you for the “Course in Wonders.”  It has been truly Life changing for me.

I keep thinking how incredible each class is and then it gets “even better.”

  I have been experimenting with  the Key.. and WOW!!!  First,I just tried it at night with the intent to Allow

The flow around certain “topics.”  Amazing!

  Then I started to experiment with the Key in Cranial seasons because the philosophy behind the work is so aligned with the concept of Allowing. Instead of ‘Directing a session,’ I am learning to be an open vessel and Allow.  I experience this as my body field becomes transparent.  From both my side and the patient’s it has been truly extraordinary, and I have received the additional Blessing of more Trust and Confidence in what is happening as the Practitioner. It feels like the Space is blessed with Grace during the session.  

  I also experimented using the key in a therapy session.  Both my therapist and I used a Key.  Both of us  us were touched so deeply.. and I can still tune into the energy of the session.  Profound!

  Thank you GW.  You are helping so may of us and I am so SO Grateful.

Much Love,



Aug 5, 2022 — Greg Menz — The Cirq as a Tool


 What a very powerful session it was today. I felt very "spacy" at the end of the session and much more connected to myself and the planet and cosmos in general. A great reminder about our inherent nature and connection to all things.

I have a side story though. These last 5 days have been less than good. I picked up a very nasty virus last weekend which gave me little warning of its presence. When I did become aware of its presence I did what I usually do and took at least 10gm of vitamin C daily.

Usually this will knock a virus over in 24 hours and this has been my experience. I have not had a cold for years. However this time it did not work and subsequently I have had the cold / flu from hell with the usual aches and pains, really stuffed up sinuses and a head that felt like it was stuffed with cotton wool. This has made it very difficult for me to concentrate and significant tiredness has resulted.

Things have improved during the week but my "stuffed" head has been very resistant to leaving me and so the seminar today was attended with me operating at about 70% of my normal functioning.

At the end of the seminar all I wanted to do was to lie down as I was so tired. Then I had an idea. Why not lie down with the Cirq, balance my chakras and then position it on my third eye, relax, and hopefully it will help me a little.

This I did and I have to say that the results have been amazing. Within 15 minutes I noticed a change and my head felt a little clearer, something I had not really expected. I was so motivated I then decided to get up and find a way to wear it on my head, the ultimate tool subsequently being a baseball cap that is now supporting the Cirq's placement at the back of my head, in line with my third eye.

Now some 3 hours later I am saying "what cotton wool?" I look a little dorkish wearing a fluorescent baseball cap inside the house with a circular device poking out at the back, but who can argue with success.

Every time I go to the supermarket I see stranger sights.

So from me to you with once again profound gratitude for what you have created and given to people. I hope this little testimonial will help others who may come into similar circumstances.

With great love and respect.


Aug 14, 2022 — Lindsey Hansen-Sturm — An Instruction Guide

[NOTE: Lindsey uses a printout of the following to give to folks who she has given Keys to who have not been a part of the Course in Wonders 3. She also gives them the website address to update themselves on videos and postings made by our group … ]


Two main factors in beginning your connection with the Key: Free Will and Purity of Heart. Free Will is for us to act as a vessel to allow the Divine to work through us and also when working with others, honoring their Free Will.

Below are the suggested steps you can follow to connect with the Key ... take as much time with each step that feels right to you.

Centering yourself before using the Key each time is recommended. If you have a practice you like, use that. Or a simple way is to sit upright, place the palms together in the prayer position. Bring the palms over your head to the level of the crown chakra and inhale. Hold the breath as you lower your hands in front of the heart. Exhale as you open your hands.

Steps to connect to the Key

Place the Key face down over your Heart Chakra, open your heart ... with respect and love, without expectation. Close your eyes, take a deep breath ... allow the connection to begin.

And then if you choose, you may turn the Key facing outward on the Heart and allow the energy to come to you. Take a deep breath. Breathing out all thoughts and expectation. Just breathe in this magnificent frequency that has always been there for you, but now the Key is magnifying the connection.

Now with the Key over your Heart Chakra, you may ask the High Council of Light To please activate the Key within you. Feel into that connection and breathe it in.

You may keep the Key over your heart or move it to the 3rd-eye facing inward. Breathe in. The connection is now complete. Now you can ask the Divine Light that is within you to shine from your 3rd-eye and from everywhere within you, towards all others. Now open the possibility of rising above our daily limitations to a purity, to shine this Light as it was given to us. The Light is shared through the 3rd-eye but you are shining with that frequency from every part of your being.

Now place the Key between your hands and give gratitude to the High Council, to all facilitators who brought this blessing forward and to all others participating in this ritual of connection. Also, we thank the Key itself, each time we use it.


- The Key is not about healing, it is about much more than healing. It is about anchoring the frequency of the Divine in this dimension. It is about Balance And Unity. We are creating Unity within ourselves and each other. We keep our unique qualities, but we are becoming a unit of Pure Heart and Divine Light.

- The Key is an instrument of allowing. In using it we formulate a clear request, but without expectation of what this “should” or “should not” look or feel like. For example, if we have a heart arrhythmia, instead of saying “I intend for my heart rhythm to return to its normal rate,” or “I intend for my Heart to be healed”, with allowing we

might say “I allow wellness in my heart.”

- Add to our request “I allow only energy of positive polarity to flow through me.” So, if I tag this onto the above example, on may say “I allow wellness in my heart, with only energy of positive polarity.”

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Oct 14, 2022 — Heart Math Institute — Giving a Voice to Trees

There’s something about being with trees – a walk in the forest, the experience of planting a tree, or leaning back against a tree with a book in hand. Are trees sentient beings? Can they sense how humans feel about them? Are they affected by our emotions? And, what is it about trees that has an uplifting effect on people?

Trees Are Intelligent

A new generation of scientists is showing that plants and trees are intelligent and aware; they process information, sleep, remember, and communicate with one another. They have at least 20 different types of senses, including ones that roughly correspond to our five senses. They also have additional senses that can do things such as measure humidity, detect gravity, vibrations, and sense electromagnetic fields. These scientists insist that plants and trees are intelligent because they can sense, learn, remember and even react in ways similar to humans. Their behaviors exhibit a coordinated activity and response across the whole organism that require signaling and communication systems which include long-distance electrical signals, specialized vascular tissues, and the production of chemicals used by the brain and nervous systems in humans and animals. The most well‑known way they communicate is chemically. This is why some plants and trees smell so good and others awful.

 Read Tree Research

Electrical Life of Trees

Although there has been an abundance of new research and insights on the way trees communicate through chemical processes, there is far less known about the electrical life of trees.

A professor at Yale University was the first person to conduct long‑term measures of trees’ electrical activity, which appeared to be related to the phase of the moon and solar cycles. There’s a lot more to learn about trees, especially how they may respond to human emotions and how being in the presence of their biofields can have an uplifting effect on people. The HeartMath Institute (HMI), a non‑profit research and education organization, has developed a new technology that reads the electrical signals in trees and the surrounding earth and then feeds those signals to the cloud, where they are processed and displayed on a computer screen. Interestingly, trees have complex and different overall electrical patterns, almost as if each tree has its own personality.

 View Tree Data

Global Tree Monitoring Project

This Global Tree Monitoring project is part of a broader initiative to conduct interconnectivity research, testing the hypothesis that all life forms are interconnected in a rich tapestry of intersecting magnetic energy fields. We aim to reveal this ancient hypothesis under the lens of modern science. HMI has created new equipment and software for simultaneously measuring the electrical potentials generated from trees located around the planet. This is an exciting citizen scientist project that encourages people from around the world to sponsor and host a sensor on their favorite tree. We will use the data from the global tree network to explore research questions such as: Are trees affected by human emotions? Do the electrical responses in multiple trees correlate to events that trigger an emotional outpouring in large numbers of people? Can trees help predict earthquakes? Do trees communicate energetically with each other over large distances, and how does the biofield of trees have an uplifting effect on people?


With care,

Sara Childre,

President, HeartMath Institute