May 4, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — The Gateway Key  “I did use it in the bath, and … it was awesome.”

May 23, 2022 — Greg Menz — Video Weirdness  “I wanted to share some photos I took of the last [class] video we did.”



July 11, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — Beyond My Wildest Dreams   Hearing from others that what I tell people comes true, brings me to tears.


Aug 1-4, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — Health and Freedom  My heart  and soul are overjoyed: Freedom from self-enslavement, the Higher Councils truly know what to bless us with.

Aug 12, 2022 — Eileen Schmidt — Little Miracles Show Up  “Things I would have never dreamed possible. Little miracles seem to show up all over the place.”


Sep 3, 2022 — Teresa Stewart — I Am Not Only Pain-Free   I have lingering issues with having a bout of diverticulosis several years ago …

Sep 6, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — After Witnessing the Utterly Unimaginable  “… I could barely come out of the trance and  speaking was impossible …”

Sep 11, 2022 — … — I Have Experienced Multiple Miracles  “After the High Council removed self doubt, I felt a calm and peace I never felt before in this lifetime.”

Sep 22, 2022 — Teresa Stewart — Her Faithful Dog Suffered a Stroke — “She thought that she may have to make the decision to have her put down …”



Oct 25, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — The Vibrations of the 6th Blessing  “… are already being felt in my body.”

                        Bright, White Light Comes Forth  “… from the tree to the Key to me. I am beyond words.”

                        We Are Weaving a Connection  “… around the world via the root system.”


May 4, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — The Gateway Key.

Well my dear friend and soul brother, you have done it !!!

Words cannot express my joy, happiness and love for you in bringing us all together. The synchronicities over the years that have led us to this class are unbelievable, how our paths have intertwined to allow our strengths/power to come forth in this NOW time for humanity. As I stated last night, we were all together at the time of Christ and Atlantis, but this time we will succeeding bringing forth the new world/energies where all thrive in many realms.

Now for some feedback ........

Using the Gateway Key, my first few attempts at putting it under my pillow did not bring restful sleep, so much so that I needed to just put it close to the bed and nothing really noticeable happened. My sense is that because my energies were already vibrating high, it caused an overload of sorts. So, I knew that they would sync up eventually and they have. After each class, I would be so high that I could not fall asleep until the wee hours of the next morning. After last night's class, guess what? I put the key under my pillow and indeed I had the most restful sleep.

I did use it in the bath, and because of my eagerness to experiment, did not follow your directions. In fact I don't even recall if I read them all the way through. I did use Epsom salts and allowed the key to float. I blessed the water and gave gratitude for allowing whatever was needed for my highest good.

Let me tell you it was awesome. I was guided to place the key on several areas of my body and when I closed my eyes, my body literally disappeared and I became this streaming bright light that lasted for several minutes. I remember looking down and trying to see my hands but all I could see was the brightest light. When I finally came back into my body, I stayed in the water for quite some time and just basked in the knowledge of allowing and the universal flow that it created. Grace washed over me and then gratitude for the wondrous experience. I held back from sharing this with the class, only because I knew these wondrous souls in our class needed their own experience and not in comparison to my own.

As for the tones, again amazing, uplifting and I have used them so often that like the last tones we had used I now hear them without actually playing them. I love listening to them with other music/songs. I had sent you an email with a link to Billy Joel's song, All About Soul right after I started using them. I suspect you did not receive it for some universal reason. Which is ok, because you had other work for this class to work on.

My heart and soul are overflowing with love and gratitude, and now allowing the 1st of the 7 Blessings to fill my life.

Zari's sharing brought me to tears.

One of the keys to Joy is smiling. 😀

Will share more as I am still processing and finding a way to express my experiences.

Oh, yes what I need to remind you and the class which I will do on Thursday's replay is Archangel Michael's more famous quote. "Something Wonderful is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it".

Bless your heart,


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May 23, 2022 — Greg Menz — Video Weirdness.

Hi G W,

 I wanted to share some photos I took of the last video we did with you. I thought you might find them interesting as I took the photos with my NEV camera which was developed by Harry Oldfield, the English scientist, and a person whom I came across a few years ago. I found his work very fascinating, especially his camera which picks up the energy fields in the environment and around people.

Harry could get a lot of health information from the way people's energy fields responded to his camera software. I'm sure you are very familiar with his work. In your page you wrote on Time-Space and Time Crystals, there is a little note at the bottom which says "time crystal...spiritual crystal beings (Oversoul in space-time)."

I remember a number of years ago when I was going through Harry's information and videos, he showed a photo of what appeared to be a very small face in a crystal and he was wondering about the potential spiritual nature of that image and "crystal beings," as I remember.

He was a gentle man and had a big heart, as well as being brilliant, and I was sorry to hear he had passed away not too long ago...I think 2018.

The photos of the Gateway Merkaba show a lot of vibrant central energy as does the Radiance, Essence and Mystery photo.

I took the liberty of taking a photo of yourself which shows the amazing interacting swirls and patterns of your energy. I hope you don't mind but if it is a problem for you I am happy to delete it from the camera. I won't be using the photo in any way nor will I be putting it out on the internet , or anywhere else either for that matter. My intention was purely one that I thought you may find it interesting, and perhaps useful.

The last photo is of a full moon showing the beautiful energy patterns. This was taken just before the full eclipse of the moon that same night. I have found with the camera that you can take absolutely amazing photographs of anything as it can make the mundane look incredible with its 9 different programs that you can use and choose.

I look forward to catching up with you again, and the others, next month.

All the very best


Hi GW,

 I can take photos before, during and after, even on the video all happens in time/space.

Analysis is general in that you can see the overall patterns and whether the energy is flowing freely and easily, or is being blocked or impeded.

I took a photo of Zari's face for her information and interest. Her energy flow is absolutely amazing and rare in adults that I have photographed. Her fields are clear and clean....note her third eye area. All the yellow, green and gold colours are indicative of clear energy flow, just as the patterns behind her show also.

Dark blues and reds tend to show up in areas where there is a potential problem or some chronic, or acute, inflammation. The blue in Zari's eyes may be a bi-product of her glasses or they may fit with something else going on.

I hope she finds the information both interesting and helpful.  


July 11, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — Beyond My Wildest Dreams

With a heart filled with wonder, gratitude and love for the choices we have made that led us to this point in time/space with our group.

May the blessings we have received continue to multiply and expand in the lives of our world. May all in the group trust and allow the experiences in whatever form they show up and bless them.

I sent you an email last week telling you I would share more of my personal experiences. So here goes, my awareness and trust of the information from the other side has expanded beyond my wildest dreams. I have never considered myself a clairvoyant, but a follower of my intuition. No longer do I question whether or not to share information. I share openly and honestly with no expectation of the outcome or result.

Hearing from others that what I tell people comes true, brings me to tears. Sharing the two most recent, working with the Key after our last blessing, laying awake for what seemed hours focusing on my intention for my son, asking that he be shown a sign, that someone [who would] love him would come along. Now he has been in a relationship, with the young man who still has not told his parents that he is gay, nor does he want to be seen in public with my son. (deep sigh from this mother's heart).

Lo and behold, Sunday morning my son calls and with such joy and happiness in his voice tells me that his partner, this young man, for the first time in this ongoing relationship said, "I love you.”

The inner peace that comes from doing this sacred work overflows unto our world and planets beyond.

Now I had thought I would be sharing another miracle using the Key and the tones, which on Friday did not seem to be a miracle, but after a few days of communication with the other side and friendly chat with Eileen from our group this morning I know it to be so.

I had my annual doctor's appointment, low and behold the blood pressure reading was not what I had intended. Again a high reading with the Key in my pocket. This was a new nurse practitioner and young one going by the rhetoric taught to her.

Low and behold, I courageously told her that I will not focus my mind on something happening, as I was going to get in a battle of words with her, my trusty guides popped in and said, just go with the flow. No need to argue with someone unwilling to truly listen. Which is what I did,

Initially as I was walking back to my car, the frustration with not having a huge miracle took over for a minute or so. When again they popped in and said, “Let the feeling and emotions rise and move through you", all will be well.

This morning when speaking with Eileen, we discussed what had happened to me and then what seemingly obstacles she had encountered after the last blessing and wondered if others in the class were having the same experiences [note: Eileen posting on Testimonial Page July 17]. Both of us agreed that we are so blessed and filled with gratitude for not only the class, but you.

Lastly, from the very last class when I told the others to watch our world for changes. My focus was on the truth coming forward. It is in my personal relationships and daily coming forth in our world.

Be blessed and know how much you are loved by our group.


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Aug 1-4, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — Health and Freedom

August 1, 2022

Checking my email, I notice that Natalie Keep has reached out to connect and so we arrange to call.  During our conversation I mention my ongoing migraine and she so graciously offers to post on Elan's chat group. (Peter DeBenedittis group I joined after one of the first classes of “A Course in Wonders.”  

Shortly after she posts feedback is passed back to me by Natalie, and I am moved to tears.  So much love and positivity towards my intention.  

Given that GW and Regina had cocreated the Gateway Key for our use to enrich and heal our lives, I reminded myself that I needed to use this tool.  

Due to my blood pressure being high and the reoccurrence of my migraines after being put on a new medication by my young medical professional. I  decided to soak in a nice warm tub, with the Gateway Key and epson salts and a drop of fragonia  oil.  

As I relaxed into this beautiful space, I closed my eyes to again see the beautiful white light that enveloped my entire body. As I felt myself being lifted away, Chief Red Cloud appeared in his full ceremonial  regalia. While he has been one of  my Guides from the beginning, he has never appeared dressed so beautifully.  I thanked him for joining me and he whispered that he was here to do a native healing ceremony with me.

Now for those of you who do not know Chief Red Cloud, he is a Oglala Lakota Chief and I was part of this tribe in another lifetime, then known as Ten Hen She.  He reminded me of the many medicine dances we participated in for others and now it was time for the chant and dance to be done for my healing.  

I chanted in the voice of Ten Hen She for several minutes, her native voice comes forth from my mouth and I bask in the softness and love.   As Chief Red Cloud lovingly fades out of sight, I am filled with love and gratitude.  If Grace has a feeling this was it.  

August 2, 2022

My migraine is less intense and seems to wane, thank goodness.  My littles, 2 year old Sawyer and 6 year old Stella need their great aunt in good form to play the day away.  

I sense that I need to check my email and lo and behold GW had sent out a message about the upcoming 4th Blessing on August 4, 2022.   My heart  and soul are overjoyed: Freedom from self-enslavement, the Higher Councils truly know what to bless us with.  May Zari and GW be blessed a thousandfold for following their hearts and sharing with all of us.

August 4, 2022

My day is spent in excitement and chatting with my High Council. All they will let me in on is that love and light will be with us all.  I must mention that I did have the Gateway Key in the pocket of my slacks the entire day.  It has become part of my being and notice when it is not near me.  

As GW is asking that we go into Oneness together, I can feel the room filling with, for lack of a better word, legions of angels, light beings, and guides.  They enter in such sacred formation that I know/feel we will be in for a spectacular experience.

The softness and loving voice of Zari as she explains and then bestows the blessing upon all in attendance in itself is soul uplifting. As my heart and soul merge with my Higher Self, and that of all in Oneness, I am engulfed  in pure white light and in seconds taken back in time to the group’s life experience with Christ.  

It is as if we are all merged from this lifetime to the one when we walked with Christ and taught his divine teachings.  No words come to truly explain all of this to you, but I see us all seated at a table, similar to the one depicted in the Last Supper.  It's as both timelines merged into Oneness.  The legions have bowed down to all of us as if to say, “You are remembering … well done divine messengers of love.”

This was certainly a state I did not want to leave.  My heart and soul are overflowing with love and gratitude for all that have chosen to be here now and in those days as we go forth sending this freedom from enslavement out to our world.  

Each and every one of us, no matter if we get visions, messages, vibration feelings or nothing at all are a piece of this lifetime puzzle.  

Thank you to GW for the after-show and Tracy Juechter's comments and especially the laughter.  For love, joy and laughter truly make this heaven on earth.  


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Aug 12, 2022 — Eileen Schmidt — Little Miracles Show Up

Dear Gary,

At one point Zari had asked about the effect of the blessings. This week I realized how much these blessing have impacted my own family. I have seen truly amazing changes in my relationships with all of my family. Things I would have never dreamed possible. Little miracles seem to show up all over the place.

When I received the Gateway Key I had one friend who had been seriously ill for over a year. No one could find the problem until she had a serious heart attack. Afterwards a doctor told her he was surprised she had made it to surgery. I took the Gateway Key to our first breakfast after the heart attack and she immediately felt the energy. I knew it was important to gift her with the Key. She has spent months recovering from the surgery and was blessed enough to go to a family gathering in San Francisco. Well she really over did it and had been almost unable to do anything since returning two weeks ago. I was really concerned.

I sent her the link to the videos and she called me this morning. After viewing the part of the First Blessing tears of joy began flowing from her. She connected to the energy of these blessings. Her heart was so filled with love after just watching this. She strongly felt the sense of purpose of these gifts.

I did not share this information lightly, I sent it to Donna because it felt right in my heart.

There are truly no words to express the gratitude I feel for all who had made this group possible.

From My Heart to Yours,

Peace Be With You,


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September 3, 2022 — Teresa Stewart — I Am Not Only Pain-Free


Thank youso much for forwarding the link to the 7 Blessings website and gifting me the Key. I have used it every day since receiving it and am noticing much improvement in my health. As I mentioned to you, I have lingering issues with having a bout of diverticulosis several years ago and depending on my diet and the amount of water I consume daily sometimes I have a flare up. However, since following the protocols listed in the videos I am not only pain free, but sleeping much better averaging 7-8 hours of sleep a night which gives me much more energy.

I am very grateful to GW and Zari for gifting me the opportunity to be a part of this work …

Thank you, Ben, and GW, and Zari.



Sep 6, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — After Witnessing the Utterly Unimaginable

The fifth blessings from the High Council of Light to release from the foundation of your self doubt.

Without expectation as always is my practice is allowance of whatever I need to know for my and humanities highest good to be brought forward.  

Little time is taken to become One with the group and Zari's loving and tender voice leads me into almost a trace state.  As I close my eyes and breathe I am surrounded by the brightest of bright white lights and not from any lamp in my room, as I purposely leave all lights off.  

We were given the choice of how we wanted to remove self-doubt and I chose to let the High Council choose for me.

As the meditation and bestowing  of the blessing to the group continued I felt so loved by our group and the white light surrounding all of us, no words really to explain this sensation. But here is what it felt like.

If any of you remember the old Xerox copiers, you could see the white light as your work was being scanned.  Well this is how the blessings felt. It was like a zigzagging  motion and as it ended I heard a bell.  Not sure if Zari had a timer on for us or it was other worldly.

During the meditation to send the blessing out to the world, Three Beings of Grace showed up. As they each were holding a golden bowl, they spilled the blessing onto our planet and beyond.  This indeed was a WOW moment.

After witnessing the utterly un- imaginable I could barely come out of the trance and  speaking was impossible, so much so that I could not comment afterwards to the group.

Sept. 10, 2022

Almost a week since the blessing I have to say OMG.  I have always had a contentious relationship with my daughter.  Numerous processes to heal the relationship including working with a Shaman and nothing really changed, it may have for a short time but then we always ended up butting heads with each other.  

Well the morning after the blessing, my daughter dropped off my grandson to wait for the school bus and lo and behold we had a pleasant conversation before she had to leave for work.  Could this be the blessing, hum we shall see.  Continue it did.  So much so I am pinching myself. Now to share the blessing with others.  

In deepest love and gratitude for the wondrous changes we are seeing in our lives and the world.  

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Sep 11, 2022 — … — I Have Experienced Multiple Miracles

Hi GW!

Less than a week in from our 5th blessing, and I have experienced multiple miracles!

Tuesday, a few hours before our blessing, I received an email from a co-worker. The energy in the email felt like “bully energy,” something I was familiar with my whole life. Growing up, my mom was a bully, and no one in my family stood up to her. Because it was accepted, my energy allowed/magnetized many bullies in my life.

After the High Council removed self doubt, I felt a calm and peace I never felt before in this lifetime. The next day at work, one of my coworkers (who was included on the email thread) told me her email was unacceptable and that I did nothing wrong. 30 minutes later, the woman who wrote the email apologized to me! I was shocked and amazed. The entire situation de-escalated and ended quickly. I felt so grateful!!!

One of my managers also told me, “I will not allow anyone to be mean to you.” I was so touched I almost cried. No one has ever said those words to me before. I felt “safe.” And that is one of the greatest blessings I have received!!!

Then my mom tried calling and texting me on Saturday. In the past, I would have picked up even if I was tired and didn’t have energy. This time I texted her I was resting and didn’t engage. I felt really good to honor myself. This exchange was new for her so she tried texting and calling again and even had my dad try calling me. I finally texted back that I would call them tomorrow, that I was resting for the day. Then they let me be. I did not apologize today when I called and even asked my mom what she didn’t understand about my initial text? Why did she keep reaching out?

She completely backed down and changed the subject. In the past, she would have made me feel guilty/wrong/bad, but this time it was different. I felt in my power. Our conversation ended on a positive note with laughter, and again I am so grateful. This blessing has profoundly touched my life!!

For now, I’d like to keep these results for the group’s eyes only. Feel free to share in conversation without my name attached. :)

Thank you thank you again for all you do!!!

With gratitude, blessings, love, and light …

Sep 22, 2022 — Teresa Stewart — Her Faithful Dog Suffered a Stroke


Last night I received an email from my friend, Phyllis, who is part of my meditation group. She was explaining how she was going to take her dog "Shuggie" who is 12 years old to the vet on Wednesday for a follow-up visit. She was fearing the worst as her faithful companion had suffered [another] stroke a couple of days ago. She thought that she may have to make the decision to have her put down and was not looking forward to that at all. Shuggie had suffered a mild stroke a few months ago, the vet had prescribed heart medications and the dog recovered with only a mild symptom remaining ….

After reading the email, I went into prayer mode, using the Key I focused on my heart placing the Key over my heart directing the energy to the dog. I did not ask for healing, but I could feel a tremendous amount of energy pouring out of my heart as I directed this energy to Shuggie. My prayer, asking the blessed angels to take Shuggie during the night, so that Phyllis would not have to go through the trauma of having to put her beloved dog down. I finished as I always do when I do energy work by asking for perfect Divine Order in this situation and the highest and best for all concerned. I also, sent Phyllis energy, too. I did not focus on any feedback, just closed the session down expressing my gratitude for all the assistance the angels had given, and disconnected the link.

Today, I received a followup email from Phyllis, saying that the vet was very surprised at the dog's progress. He suggested continuing with the heart medications and added a round of antibiotics as she had a slight fever. At the time I received the email, Shuggie had started eating again (she had not eaten for 4 days) and was able to walk again, albeit a bit slow, but she was greatly improved over the condition she was in yesterday.

… When I tapped into the dog's energy yesterday, I felt that her life-force was slipping away. Why she decided to stay or for how long, only she knows, but my dear friend has her beloved dog for a while longer. Maybe "Shuggie" decided to stay to comfort Phyllis and her husband Bill, as they have a family member who lives in FL that is very close to passing. So, yes, they have been going through some trying times emotionally the last few months.

I am a Reiki practitioner, I am familiar with the feeling of energy flow, but this was different, definitely much more powerful. With Reiki I feel the energy flowing from my hands, but with the Key I felt it pouring out of my heart. What an amazing gift, the Blessings, and the Key. I am so grateful that I was able to attend your class and meet you and Zari.


Teresa Stewart


Oct 25, 2022 — Deb Maslowski — The Vibrations of the 6th Blessing

October 1, 2022 … The vibrations of the 6th Blessing are already being felt in my body and confirmed by another fellow soul traveler when she was in full body chills, when I mentioned it to her.  

My relationship with my daughter has continued to amaze me and I am so grateful to the High Council for choosing to release this doubt from my life.  (I allowed them to choose for me, trusting that they would choose for my highest good … trusting and allowing).

Gary's email announcing the 6th Blessing, The Blessing of the Trees arrived and I am ecstatic.  My 68 years on this planet has had me loving trees, sending them gratitude for protection and removing toxins from our air.  

I am blessed to live on the land where I grew up and have a special relationship to the willows, from tree forts, to tire swings to reading a good book in the arms of the willow.  Finding comfort from grief that at times was overwhelming, my communication has been mystical, magical and grounding.

My higher council lets me know that all of us in this group, in one way or another have a special relationship to trees.  To be brought together by Zari, Paul, Gary and the High Council is sure to be a life changing for all of us.  

October 2, 2022 … Sunshine greets my day and with Key in hand, I make a beeline for the magnificent willow.  My greeting with the willow is filled with so much love, and my hug that to a member of my family.  We are One.

I take the Key and hold it first to the side where a tornado several years ago had decided to take a huge branch down to the root.  A hollowed out space that is fast decaying is for the fairies to play and irises to grow. I allow the energy of the Key and Willow to flow, without uttering a word.  I then go to the other side and this time place the Key higher up the trunk, I close my eyes to connect and allow for several minutes.

Lo and behold, the Key lights up and a stream of bright, white light comes forth from the tree to the Key to me.  I am beyond words, but as I look closer, again with my 3rd-eye I can see a sacred symbol outlined on the Key.  I begin to feel intense heat upon my face and body and wonder what is going on and so just take off my sweater.   I just trust and allow the mystery of the forthcoming blessing.

I am really amped up. I know the Key needs to connect.  

October 4, 2022 … I am like a child waiting to open their Christmas present by joining in with everyone tonight.  I have placed the Key upon my high heart to  connect to everyone.  The vibrations are high as we all have spent many lifetimes together.  My soul is overflowing with love and gratitude to Paul, Zari and Gary for bringing us together again.

As Zari, begins to speak, her voice  hypnotic;  I remind myself to stay grounded in order to listen.  Thank goodness for recordings, because I find that as closely as I am listening I do not catch all the directions.

When I hear her talk of the heart of the tree, I know that is what I found in my willow and my apple trees. Then she mentions asking the trees what they need and working with the tree nations.  

I have lost it, sobbing because I have noticed in the last several years that the trees wherever I go, seem to be dying  at the tops and asking the Divine to intercede. And here we are given the opportunity to work with the Key and trees.

More will be written and I truly hope that many of you decide to share your experiences with us all.   We learn from each other, we support each other and we give unconditional love to each other.  

Blessings from the heart of Willow, the apples and me.

October19, 2022 … Tonight's weekly meditation with Elan and Peter De Benedittis suggests that we use the Gateway Key and meditate on trees; asking those of us in The Course of Wonders to share their experience with the Blessing of the Trees given to us. Our love of trees is palpable and the rest of our group is open to do so…. I am ever so grateful for the sharing; and as I listen to each one, tears flow at the intense love for trees and the messages shared.

October 21, 2022 … As I meditated with the key this morning, Willow pops in and lets me know that we are weaving a netting of our individual and collective frequencies through the root system of the trees. I am reminded of the fabric of the universe and how all is in Divine order, and plan and allow the mysteries that await all of humanity to unfold.  

October 25, 2022

GW had presented and referenced a number of books, and so off to Amazon to order To Hear The Angels Sing by Dorothy Maclean,  Call of the Trees by Dorothy Maclean, and The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates. My order had come in a week or so and I had not opened one page until today.  

Having some free time and beautiful sunlight, I started reading To Hear The Angels Sing.  Fascinating is an understatement, so many “ah ha” moments for me and my connection to nature, plants — talking and loving them. I just have to share with all of you this passage found on page 62.  "The devas hold the archetypal pattern of all form, not just human form." "Paul in the New Testament, says 'Through faith we understand that words were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear (Heb. 11:3).’ ”

The weeping willow deva gave me an understanding of this by inviting me far into the woods, almost to a point which contains all life. Here is concentrated stillness and from here radiate plans and patterns. From here I reach out a long arm to each willow in the world, containing it in the stillness and bathing it with radiance. It becomes a distinct entity on its own but is nevertheless part of the invisible consciousness which I am. From my point of stillness great ripples of energy go forth.

I wondered whether the deva, at that point, was aware of other devas, and it answered:

"Yes, I am aware of those like me similarly engaged, but in the point itself the pattern is exclusive as it ever emanates out. Yes, I am aware of being contained in the greater Stillness. I am sharing with you this aspect of ourselves, this holy place of creation. Breathe softly and do not disturb the delicate lines here at source."

My desire is that these words resonate with your connection to your trees and so on and so on; so much so that this Blessing of The Trees is going to take a much deeper dive for my own growth and yours if you so choose.  

Blessings Dear Ones.